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Anne with an E

It’s going to be a minute before I get back into the swing of finishing and posting book reviews – so, in the meantime, I’ll go back to my Anneish roots. – The credits are glorious. And here’s why. There … Continue reading

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How The Walking Dead failed

I ask my followers’ indulgence in a (surprise!) long rant on The Walking Dead. I’m not a horror fan, at all, but after years of listening to my brother and sister talk about TWD I did get into it. The … Continue reading

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The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook – Judy Gelman & Peter Zheutlin

I never read a cookbook cover to cover. My rationale with cookbooks is to flip through – pictures? Good. Lots of pictures? Great. A variety of recipes? Very good. Lots of caviar and truffles and other ingredients I couldn’t bring … Continue reading

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Anne Frank

Today would have been Anne Frank’s 83rd birthday, and is seventy years from that day her parents gave her a red plaid diary. Over two years ago PBS aired a new retelling of her story, and this was my response, … Continue reading

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Better living through 80’s sitcoms

I don’t get personal often with this blog, but I’m making an exception. The last month has been rough. The causes and effects aren’t important (to anyone but me), but … rough. Very. I think it took the whole month … Continue reading

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