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This is also not a political post …

I had no plans to follow up that other post, but – dear lord, it’s only the middle of September and I’m already about to go mad. By the beginning of November these endless, mindless commercials will have me gibbering … Continue reading

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This is not a political post

It really isn’t about politics. It’s more about the basic quality of life in an election cycle, and about common sense and WTFery and things like that. Ever since the last election cycle, the two dirtiest words in my household … Continue reading

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Anne of Avonlea — and not (episode 4)

I was going to go on as usual and write a post about the remainder of the BBC Anne of Avonlea, but … there’s too much.  (I don’t even have the heart to make that a Princess Bride reference.)  My … Continue reading

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Aggravations: addendum IV

Driving: (1.h) Train tracks. People, they aren’t like they used to be. I remember (she said, dating herself) when I first started driving the tracks that crossed Rte. 22, for example, were completely above street level, so a car had … Continue reading

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Aggravations: addendum III

8. Schoolbuses At risk of sounding like Bill Cosby (uphill, both ways, five miles in the snow with no shoes), why exactly is it that schoolbuses have to stop at Every. Single. House? Truly, I understand that kids are stupid … Continue reading

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Aggravations, addendum II

As I think of them, clearly – in other words, as people do them. 1.f) Bikes. I know, I know, they’re wonderful – they’re exercise, and they’re green, and we should all share the road, kumbaya. But oh how I … Continue reading

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Aggravation addendum I

7) Rudeness of a very specific variety, which has something in common with everything else I claimed about: thoughtlessness. People just don’t think – or don’t care. I just had to walk out to the mailbox, which is partway across … Continue reading

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Random aggravations

Herein I vent on a variety of subjects, because I’m cranky and I want to. These are the things that make my eyes widen, and cause me to wonder – sometimes aloud, and profanely – what, if anything, people were … Continue reading

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