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Colored Pencil Painting Portraits

There is absolutely no denying Alyona Nickelsen’s talent and skill. The drawings – or colored pencil paintings – shown in this book are gorgeous in their photo–realism… my only complaint, I think, is a bit of spot–blindness in some facial … Continue reading

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Line – Edmund J. Sullivan (Netgalley)

Long, long ago, in a fantasyland not that far away, I went to art school. I don’t do much with that part of my brain any more, but now and then I cherish fond hopes of doing a Victor Frankenstein … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Commission – Michael Innes

I love it when the main character’s an artist. (Except when it hurts a lot, of course; that is the life I wanted. For some reason this didn’t hurt, even though one of my dreams was to paint portraits like … Continue reading

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False Impressions – Thomas Hoving

There is something about the world of crime as it intersects with art that is just fascinating.  The cleverness – sometimes brilliance – applied to creating forgeries, cheek by jowl with sometimes massive stupidities that either reveal them or blind … Continue reading

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How to be happy

“Get 10 scientifically proven methods to increase your happiness”!! Continue reading

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You say you want a revolution …

My horse did not win the Kentucky Derby. I wanted General Quarters, for all the sentimental reasons – and I had a strong enough hunch that I would have put money down, if a) I’d had any and b) I’d … Continue reading

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Blatant fantasy

I’ve been reading Fiona Patton – The Stone Prince and now The Painter Knight. I’ve had these books for a while; I can’t imagine I actually paid real money for them with those covers, so they must have come from … Continue reading

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