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Les Misérables – Victor Hugo, translated by Julie Rose – George Guidall

My history with Les Mis: I was lucky enough to see the musical on Broadway with Colm Wilkinson in the lead role. Once that’s happened, you can’t settle for less. I did see it again more locally years later, and … Continue reading

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The Native Star – M.K. Hobson – Suehyla El-Attar

In a lot of cases, it’s incredibly helpful to be able to listen to a sample of a book on Audible before buying. It often makes all the difference in whether or not I’ll commit to a book. Unfortunately in … Continue reading

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History of Rock and Roll in Ten Songs – Greil Marcus – Henry Rollins

Ringo Starr isn’t in the R&R Hall of Fame as an individual? Who do I write to about that? The reason I bought this book is the narrator, Henry Rollins. I’m not a fan of punk music, so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Dragon Bones – Patricia Briggs – Joe Manganiello

Patricia Briggs is an old favorite of mine – I’ve loved her from page one of the first book I ever read by her. Which might well have been this one – not my favorites among her work, the Hurog … Continue reading

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After Glow – Jayne Castle – Joyce Bean

After I listened to the audiobook of the first book in this series, I looked at the icon for the second book on my computer and figured it was as good as anything to listen to while doing other things. … Continue reading

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After Dark – Jayne Castle – Joyce Bean

What a mixed bag these books are. I came across free secondhand audiobook versions of them, so I figured why not. Although I had a vague association of the author with mediocre romance/PNR, I didn’t worry too much about it. … Continue reading

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The Design of Everyday Things – Donald A. Norman – Peter Berkrot

The main question in my mind after listening to this audiobook is easily enough answered: How old IS this book, anyhow? In the introduction the author talks about how the book isn’t dated. Well, it was originally published in 1988. … Continue reading

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Carrots – Colleen Helme – Wendy Tremont King

This sounded like a fun idea, and since I had (sadly) bought the Kindle edition I was able to get the Audible edition for cheap. Unfortunately, neither the book nor the narration wore well. The story itself was fine: Shelby … Continue reading

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Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor – Zara Ramm

I. Loved. This. So much. The early part of 2015 was just crammed with time travel audiobooks. I didn’t mean to do that; it just happened. I didn’t even know a couple of them were time travel till I started … Continue reading

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The Girl at the End of the World – Richard Levesque – LC Kane

So, this one is a zombie apocalypse novel struggling to not be a zombie apocalypse novel; instead of some horrific virus transmitted via bites or scratches, this zombie–ism comes from horrific plant–like stalks that erupt from the the eye socket … Continue reading

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