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A Tale of Two Cities– Charles Dickens (through Craftlit)

ETA: I’ve been a little surprised to see the number of hits on this post, and maybe it’s made me a little paranoid. But paranoid or not, I need to say: I’m hereby placing a curse on any homework this … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Dickens

It’s the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birth. (Also, on a much smaller scale, my second anniversary on my job, but who cares?) LibraryThing is having a “Dickens of a” ReadaThing. Go read some Bleak House or something. I’ll wait. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens via Tom Baker

I don’t do abridged. I cordially despise abridgements. Reader’s Digest Condensed versions? Abominations. But this particular abridgement is an audiobook read by Tom Baker. I will listen to a calendar read by Tom Baker. I think I would even listen … Continue reading

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Jacob T. Marley – R. William Bennett

At some point, every conceivable fan-fictiony alternative point of view in classic fiction will have been used. There’s the story of the girls’ father in March; coincidentally there is the story of Huck’s father in (also coincidentally) Finn. And of … Continue reading

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Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara?

Over dinner one night, apparently, the writers of Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara? (Jenny Bond and Chris Sheedy) began discussing popular books and the paths taken to their publication – and this evolved into a book about books: as the subtitle … Continue reading

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