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Butter – Elaine Khosrova

I love a good micro-history. I waffled about requesting this (sorry) (no, I’m not – I’m just trying not to make culinary puns all throughout), but I went ahead hoping for some fascinating details about how butter was invented/discovered, and … Continue reading

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Cast-Iron Cooking – Rachael Narins

True story: after my grandmother passed away, my father’s siblings apparently decided to clear everything out of the house, floor to ceiling, and simply put a huge amount of stuff to the curb. My mother saw Nanny’s cast-iron skillet on … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books – Kerry Greenwood

I fell upon this book (received from Netgalley, thank you) with glad cries. Well, no, I opened the book on my Kindle looking forward to a light mystery, and within minutes was uttering glad cries. It started with the prefatory … Continue reading

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Mighty Spice – John Gregory-Smith

You never know what’ll be posted next hereabouts.  Here, a wonderful cookbook downloaded from Netgalley – thank you! The first thing I always do with a cookbook is flip through it to gauge a few things. Is it attractive? Are … Continue reading

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Random – Cooking for your kids: Yor doin it wrong.

I get a daily email from Allrecipes.com, and now and then instead of one featured recipe the email takes on a theme. Today’s was Oktoberfest, and one of the recipes listed was Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst … I can’t help but … Continue reading

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