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Geoffrey’s Queen – Gwendolyn Druyor

He tried to wrap his arms around the old tree and climb, but it was much too wide. He tried jumping for the lowest branch, but it was too high. In honor of the Three Bears, I let him try … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, and why (or: Remembering Anne McCaffrey)

Given the day, it seems obvious to couch this post in the terms of what I’m thankful for.  First and foremost, always and above, I’m grateful for my family.  We’re none of us a huggy gushy expressive family, but the … Continue reading

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The Last Dragon: Jane Yolen, Rebecca Guay

This graphic novel is a simply gorgeous work of art, every frame and every word. After two hundred years of peace, a dragon returns to the islands of May, to a town called Meddlesome, and the only answer is to … Continue reading

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