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The Book of Beloved – Carolyn Haines

This is probably going to be one of those negative reviews on which people feel some compulsion to leave chastising comments for being too critical. Two words: Don’t. Bother. It looks like quite a few other people loved this book. … Continue reading

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Haunted America FAQ

I did not expect that! I think what I assumed this would be was a sort of travel guide, just a listing of locations reputed to be spooky and maybe a squib as to why. And there was that aspect … Continue reading

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The Hidden and the Maiden – Eben Mishkin

A pleasant surprise, this. I really, really thought I was going to regret this one after I requested it on Netgalley. There have been several which I abandoned, recently. I don’t like doing that; these Netgalley books are obligations. But … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Ghosts – Andrew Taylor

This is the tale of a chain of events, a sort of horrible Rube Goldberg device in which the drowning death of the young son of bookbinder John Holdsworth leads directly to the dissolution of Holdsworth’s business and loss of … Continue reading

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Sight Unseen – Hunter Raines

I honestly debated about whether to admit to reading this. But hey, as long as it’s not “Fifty Shades of Gay”, I think I’m ok. Any romance, particularly an M/M romance, is a little embarrassing to own up to in … Continue reading

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Dead in Time by Anna Reith

I really hesitate before giving five stars to a book. The ones that are unquestionably five stars create a benchmark that isn’t easy to hit – Tolkien, and Austen, and Chesterton and Sayers and the complete works of Guy Gavriel … Continue reading

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