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The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

I didn’t make a single note on this book, didn’t save a single highlight. That’s unusual for me; I usually take full advantage of my Kindle’s abilities to augment my memory. Then again, I don’t really need notes in order … Continue reading

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Reining in Murder – Leigh Hearon

I guess the “girls in love with horses” thing is a cliché, but clichés are clichés because they’re true. I was obsessed when I was a child, and still suffer from a nostalgic longing to go take riding lessons again. … Continue reading

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Brat Farrar – Josephine Tey

Somehow, I never read this before. Somehow I never had a copy until not too long ago, and somehow when I reread all my Teys at the beginning of the year I couldn’t put my hands on my copy. (It’s … Continue reading

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Susan Dexter: The Mountains of Channadran

It was kind of amazing reading the Wizard King’s War again after all these years.  In many cases, a writer’s first book is the best, and the ones that follow are attempts to recapture the magic.  But now and then … Continue reading

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LTER: Writing Horses: Judith Tarr

Been too long – I’ve been eBaying like mad, trying to free up some space and also earn a bit of money to pay for Clarence (the still-hateful Buick). I received (via email) this book quite a while ago, and … Continue reading

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