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Heading for Jeopardy: Take Three!

I remember March 6 being kind of a crappy day – but when I got home I decided to take the Jeopardy! test that night instead of waiting until the next night or the one after. And I was honestly … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet …

Around this blog, I mean, not the rest of my life. (Really, dear neighbors, what ARE you doing to make such a racket? Are you playing soccer in your living room? Or just wrestling? Perhaps other Summer Olympics endeavors? And … Continue reading

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Oh, sure Jeopardy guys

‘Cause there’s nothing more relaxing than a countdown clock.

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It’s Jeopardy time …

No pressure… Wish me luck!

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Brainiac – Ken Jennings

I had fun with Brainiac. I had just gotten the call to go for this year’s Jeopardy! audition, and, being me, was in a fever of preparation. (As a few of us were waiting for things to begin, one or … Continue reading

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Jeopardy: Represent Boston!

I never did write up my ever-so-exciting experience at the Jeopardy audition in Boston in May, did I? The hotel was a kind of miserable experience, but the rest of it was fun – especially the audition itself, of course. … Continue reading

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My Short, Happy Life in “Jeopardy!”

Yes, my friends, this blog is going to be a little Jeopardy!-heavy for the next few weeks. Whether that’s better or worse than it being completely stagnant is debatable. This, here, is a review of this book: – and also … Continue reading

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Jeopardy redux – !

Well. I have been a seriously awful blogger of late; new job a couple of months ago, after 9 months of unemployment, plus Issues at home – it’s been interesting, and writing of any sort has been the last thing … Continue reading

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One degree from Jeopardy!

I’ve been trying to watch Jeopardy every night since the audition – just because I like the show, of course, and for obvious practical reasons (got to keep my hand in!) – but also because there were some terrific people … Continue reading

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Jeopardy tryouts – part two

I didn’t hear much laughter out in the “Pre-event” area, as the Sheraton floorplan calls it, as the Jeopardy coordinators scored the tests, but I hopefully my stupidity got a chuckle, anyway. They could not, we had been informed, tell … Continue reading

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