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My Name Is Markham – Jodi Taylor – Piers Wehner

Oh my. A jaunt into the past by the St. Mary’s crew; a really nice close encounter with a major historic figure; chaos and calamity with a happy ending – it must be Christmas! Well, it was when it was … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies, and History – Jodi Taylor – Zara Ramm

I love Jodi Taylor. I love Max. (I also love Zara Ramm.) (It’s especially fun to hear her say “Caer Guorthigern”.) But the premise of this installment in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s is … not what it could be. … Continue reading

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Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor – Zara Ramm

I. Loved. This. So much. The early part of 2015 was just crammed with time travel audiobooks. I didn’t mean to do that; it just happened. I didn’t even know a couple of them were time travel till I started … Continue reading

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