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Living in Threes – Judith Tarr

This was a book received through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers (thank you!). I’ve been trying to cut back on the books I put my name in for on LibraryThing, because while I’ve had pretty good luck there have been a number … Continue reading

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Daphne and the Silver Ash – Joss Llewelyn

This was a novella received through LibraryThing’s Member Giveaways – thank you. It is a short, sweet, melancholy yet ultimately hopeful story, aching with a feeling of might-have-been and will-never-be-again as one thoughtful and gallant young woman tries to deal … Continue reading

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LTER: One Was a Soldier, Julia Spencer-Fleming

I do get lucky with these LTER’s.  Oh, not all – there was one self-published ESL fantasy that I doubt I’ll ever finish, and the book about writing which was extremely uneven, and Roma was not something I’d ever have … Continue reading

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LTER: Pegasus

Recently I won a LibraryThing Early Reviewer that I really, really wanted: Robin McKinley‘s Pegasus.  This must be why I don’t win anything in radio contests – too lucky here: Adam Schell, GK Chesterton, and now this.  Pegasus is a … Continue reading

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Early review: The Devil Amongst the Lawyers

The Devil Amongst the Lawyers (Sharyn McCrumb) is the tale of a 1935 trial in Wise County, Virginia, which gains national attention because of two factors: the country (or the newspaper business, at least) is hungry for a new sensation … Continue reading

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The world will never starve for want of wonders

… but only for want of wonder. – Gilbert Keith Chesterton I do sincerely love the Early Reviewers giveaways on Librarything. It was through this that I received Tomato Rhapsody, for which I am deeply grateful; and it was through … Continue reading

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