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The radio ambushed me first thing this morning by featuring Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A”. I will always remember sitting in my car sobbing sometime in the week after the attacks – because that song, simple and earnest and … Continue reading

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For shame, NBC…

This is going to be a bit of a departure from the norm of this blog, but I have smoke coming out of my ears and I need to say something about it. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve sent a … Continue reading

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Remembering – Darrell K. Sweet, 1934-2011

From the time I first started reading on my own, it has seemed like eighty percent of the books I read had covers by Michael Whelan, Keith Parkinson, a small handful of others – and Darrell K. Sweet.  I counted … Continue reading

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Obviously, this being December 7, there is:       Also, on coming home from work I learned that Henry Morgan passed away today. He was one of my first loves (I’ve always loved older men): he was an artist … Continue reading

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Happy (belated) Father’s Day …

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Steve Landesberg

I hadn’t seen the news – Steve Landesberg, probably best known as Arthur P. Dietrich on Barney Miller, died on December 20.   He was my favorite on the show when I was a kid – I had good taste.

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