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The Art of Selling Movies – John McElwee

It’s an absolute joy to see newspaper ads for film going back to the beginning of the medium. It’s like sifting through archaeological strata of the country’s culture. The birth of film, all the pre–Hayes–Code ads (!), the tremendous hype … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month.  Yes, I’m participating.  Yes, I’m about a full day’s worth behind in my word count. But. Yesterday I tossed up a quick post about a video I’d discovered, and in doing so used the … Continue reading

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How to be happy

“Get 10 scientifically proven methods to increase your happiness”!! Continue reading

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Plum puffs won’t minister to a script diseased

It’s not a good sign when one film is about one book and the next takes in … three.  It’s also not a good sign when the producer “didn’t think there was ‘enough dramatic material for a film’ and the … Continue reading

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Anne of Green Gables, and … not

I’ve been posting a great deal more lately on the TV/movies side of the blog than here; I haven’t had a lot to say about what I’ve been reading: Anne McCaffrey and Jill Churchill.  I’m letting a couple of ideas … Continue reading

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You say you want a revolution …

My horse did not win the Kentucky Derby. I wanted General Quarters, for all the sentimental reasons – and I had a strong enough hunch that I would have put money down, if a) I’d had any and b) I’d … Continue reading

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Coal Miner’s Daughter – Who Knew?

  I grew up listening to my mother play Loretta Lynn records. (Yes, records – sheesh, dating myself in my second post…) I don’t remember whether I liked them or disliked them; they were what Mom loved (along with lots … Continue reading

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