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Anatomy of a Song – Marc Myers

I love this stuff. I love learning the background, the genesis for a work, be it a book or painting, tv episode or – obviously – a song. Websites like SongFacts are huge rabbit holes that I can and do … Continue reading

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History of Rock and Roll in Ten Songs – Greil Marcus – Henry Rollins

Ringo Starr isn’t in the R&R Hall of Fame as an individual? Who do I write to about that? The reason I bought this book is the narrator, Henry Rollins. I’m not a fan of punk music, so I didn’t … Continue reading

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Fire and Rain – David Browne, Sean Runnette

I was born during Woodstock. Not, you know, AT Woodstock, though it is fun to tease my mother, but while it was going on and about two and a half hours southeasterly. I grew up on this music, to the … Continue reading

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Just because…

No, really, I’ll actually, you know, write something soon. In the meantime, because I really really miss them, here’s some Red Hot Chilli Pipers. I do miss these boys.   I do love these boys.

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They’re here!

Warner Theatre, Torrington CT, March 19 – Red Hot Chilli Pipers!  It took CPTV long enough to get ’em out, but they’re here, and they didn’t change the concert date on me this time.  I need to start working out … Continue reading

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Chilli Pipers Redux!

I hate pledge drives.  But that’s when CPTV puts the Red Hot Chilli Pipers on!  They’re not stupid – they had a huge response last summer, so they’re taking advantage of the addiction they helped foster.   That’s nefarious.  Sadly, this time … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Culture

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like the internet. I know, stupid to say, given the number of hours I rack up and, well, my current mode of expression. But seriously – the trolls often seem to outnumber … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night: Give me some music!

It struck me while watching the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival production again (yet again) that as the music used in the play goes, so goes the play.  Not too groundbreaking an observation, as it has to be a goal of … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to the Monkees …

I don’t care if they didn’t play their own instruments – they were still cute as heck.  And they still sound pretty great. From our local radio station: On this date in music history: 9/9/1965, US newspaper: The Hollywood reporter … Continue reading

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Who was that kilted man?

OK, so I told of my joyous discovery of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers in the last post.  I can’t afford the music on iTunes or anything at the moment (having made an unexpected pledge to Connecticut Public Television for … Continue reading

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