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# Five hundred … and one

Huh. That last post was my 500th, and somehow I missed it. Well, then, fine. My 501st will celebrate that bizarre milestone (500??) and also Paul Simon’s 72nd birthday. (72??) Mr. Simon’s music is one of the few things I … Continue reading

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There’s only one subject for today

Heather Ordover, someone I admire and have come to care about through her podcasts, was there eleven years ago; she writes about it here. There are also heart-wrenching accounts from her students. I wasn’t there. I was at work a … Continue reading

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Jeopardy tryouts – part two

I didn’t hear much laughter out in the “Pre-event” area, as the Sheraton floorplan calls it, as the Jeopardy coordinators scored the tests, but I hopefully my stupidity got a chuckle, anyway. They could not, we had been informed, tell … Continue reading

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Jeopardy tryouts – part one

It was around 2:30 last Tuesday (last Tuesday! It’s been a week!) that I couldn’t stand it anymore and just went to find Conference Room K, where it all was happening. A very short elevator ride brought me to the … Continue reading

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The Jeopardy saga – bookend edition

I admit it – after having studied intermittently full-tilt for the past five weeks, I’ve vegetated since I got home from New York. I hadn’t been reading nearly as much for pleasure (by which I mean “for Netgalley”) in the … Continue reading

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Jeopardy tryouts: been there, done it, and got the pen to prove it

Well, I’m back. The Jeopardy “audition” (I have to use quotes there because with an actor as a friend it makes me giggle to use the word in relation to me) was this afternoon – and it was a huge … Continue reading

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Mallory’s Oracle – Carol O’Connell

Mallory’s Oracle was great fun. Everything about it was appealing – from the unique main character (unique in my experience, though I’ve seen comparisons to Dexter) to the setting to the trappings of the case to the writing. Kathleen Mallory … Continue reading

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There’s really only one topic for today …

From recordings from that day: We’ve asked everyone to leave lower Manhattan if they can on their own We want you to say a prayer for everybody in there right now – really, pray as hard as you can for … Continue reading

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The Age of Innocence

You just never know what you’ll get with this blog.  (Neither do I.)  Last time, the Chillis; now: I finished The Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton) recently.  It’s a library-sale book I’ve had about for a while, on the “no, … Continue reading

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Steven R. Boyett – Ariel

It took me a while, but I finally finished Ariel, by Steven R. Boyett.    As the story begins, six years ago the world underwent a Change.  At least, no one’s said anything about the world outside the US, but since no … Continue reading

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