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Dragon Bones – Patricia Briggs – Joe Manganiello

Patricia Briggs is an old favorite of mine – I’ve loved her from page one of the first book I ever read by her. Which might well have been this one – not my favorites among her work, the Hurog … Continue reading

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Blood Bound – Patricia Briggs

It’s sometimes hard to remember that Mercy’s friend Stefan – the t-shirt wearing Scooby Doo fan – is a vampire, and vampires are inherently evil; he’s such a nice guy. So when he asks a favor, Mercy is willing, even … Continue reading

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River Marked – Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs reconfirmed all the reasons I already love her by the way the story begins in River Marked. There’s something going on in the Columbia River, and Mercy and Adam just happen to find themselves on the scene … … Continue reading

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Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs

In a vast sea of mediocrity, it is a wonderful thing to have a rock like Patricia Briggs. Having just read the prequel story of Anna and Charles contained in On the Prowl, it was a natural progression to move … Continue reading

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On the Prowl – story collection

I picked this up solely for Patricia Briggs. I find it a little odd that a Briggs story is part of this collection; the other three contributors seem to be firmly in the sex-soaked PNR category, and Briggs … isn’t. … Continue reading

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The Hob’s Bargain – Patricia Briggs

The Hob’s Bargain is another in a long line of read-so-long-ago-a-reread-feels-like-the-first-time books. I didn’t remember a thing about it, except that I loved it then – and I loved it now. The story centers on Aren, a woman who has … Continue reading

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Moon Called graphic novel: Volume I

Thanks to NetGalley and Dynamite Entertainment for providing me with this ARC.  I was a little excited about a Mercy Thompson comic series.  I love the medium, at its best, and I love Patricia Briggs and Mercy.  It could have … Continue reading

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Vampires and werewolves and Faerie…

Oh, my. (I had to. I’m very sorry.) So, lately you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a book chock-full of vampires. (Not being funny, but who *ever* came up with “dead cat” as a unit of measure?) Fantasy … Continue reading

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