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This is also not a political post …

I had no plans to follow up that other post, but – dear lord, it’s only the middle of September and I’m already about to go mad. By the beginning of November these endless, mindless commercials will have me gibbering … Continue reading

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This is not a political post

It really isn’t about politics. It’s more about the basic quality of life in an election cycle, and about common sense and WTFery and things like that. Ever since the last election cycle, the two dirtiest words in my household … Continue reading

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Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion – David Brinkley

This was a quickie fill-in book which I’ve had on my shelf for a while; it finally made its way to the top. When I originally picked it up wherever I picked it up, I thought it would be a … Continue reading

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An open letter to those running for office …

I try to avoid politics. Once burned twice shy and all that, and I find the whole process queasy-making. But ’tis the season, and politics just can’t be avoided right now. So … To all the state’s politicians: – And … Continue reading

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