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More angels and elves…

Rather than accomplishing anything useful, I finished two books today: Blood Angel by Justine Musk, and Crystal Sage by Kara Dalkey. I started the latter because I was reaching the end of the former, and I knew that ending wasn’t … Continue reading

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Vampires and werekittens and faeries – oh, dear.

The book of the week is one I’ve had a little while, Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn. I read one of her mysteries some time ago, in which the heroine sees ghosts, Ghost of a Chance. It was pretty good, good … Continue reading

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Vampires and werewolves and Faerie…

Oh, my. (I had to. I’m very sorry.) So, lately you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a book chock-full of vampires. (Not being funny, but who *ever* came up with “dead cat” as a unit of measure?) Fantasy … Continue reading

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