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William Shakespeare: A Popular Life

This … book … was originally released in 2001, and all but states it is meant to ride the doublet-tails of “the success of the Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love“. I was puzzled by this for a moment – I … Continue reading

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Sean Bean! Rupert Grint! Shakespeare! Who could ask for more?

And now for something completely different… I know, two posts in one day? Inconceivable. But there are only 22 hours or so left to support this film, and I want this to happen so very badly. Here’s what I’m talking … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night (also known as “‘Back’ is such a relative term”)

I have no idea where this month has gone. Poof, even. It’s a good thing, in one way at least: Twelfth Night is coming! Well, it’s there now, at the Hartford Stage: Twelfth Night May 18 – June 16 By … Continue reading

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Much Ado About a trailer

There’s a trailer. I’m excited. Related articles First Trailer for Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing (tor.com) Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Trailer (garyware.me) ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Looks Like a Pretty Fun Party at Joss Whedon’s Place (theatlanticwire.com) … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s As You Like It, edited by Demitra Papadinis

I received this as a LibraryThing Early Reader book, in exchange for an honest review. (Warning – pretty much all the language I generally avoid in reviews up to now shows up here, en masse.)(In fact …)       … Continue reading

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The Lodger Shakespeare – Charles Nicholl, Simon Vance

I pounced on this because I enjoyed/admired/appreciated Charles Nicholl’s The Reckoning, about the murder of Christopher Marlowe, and because I was mad about Simon Vance’s reading of Dust and Shadow. Those two, plus Shakespeare, indicated an instant win. Well… mostly. … Continue reading

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Kissing Shakespeare – Pamela Mingle

Oh dear. I have this feeling I should have run screaming from this book. But the premise both repelled and interested me. I do love a good time travel story. (A good time travel story.) I love the idea of … Continue reading

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The Tempest at the Hartford Stage

I’m excited. Every year, it seems, I do the research on Shakespeare plays that are going to be produced in Connecticut – they’re doing Hamlet over here, and the Dream over there, and Much Ado yonder, and oh boy can’t … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare: The World as Stage – Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is an old friend. His approach to history makes the standard tome all the more flat and dull by comparison – Bryson knows his stuff well enough to not only present it to an audience but to play … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night – Viola

VIOLA A lady, sir, though it was said she much resembled me, was yet of many accounted beautiful: but, though I could not with such estimable wonder overfar believe that, yet thus far I will boldly publish her; she bore … Continue reading

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