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Death Shall Come – Simon R. Green

Quite a while ago I had read the first book of the author’s other series, enjoyed it very much, and somehow never got back into his work. When I saw his name pop up on Netgalley, it seemed like a … Continue reading

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Unusual Suspects – ed. Dana Stabenow

I’ve never liked short stories, as a class. (This might be why I’ve never tried writing them.) There are certainly exceptions; several writers are always exceptions to the rule, and other stories have come out of the blue and surprised … Continue reading

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The Man with the Golden Torc – Simon R. Green

I wasn’t sure I’d like this. I usually dig my heels in and resist “humorous” fantasy novels. They’re not my cup of cocoa. Smart and funny is great; I have a weakness for really clever puns. But I’m not usually … Continue reading

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