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11/22/63: Stephen King, Craig Wasson

A few years back, my image of Stephen King was entirely made up of killer clowns and rabid dogs and possessed cars (there’s a thought: Christine as a killer clown car…), the grandpappy of a genre I had absolutely no … Continue reading

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The Stand – Stephen King

Wow. Background: I saw the beginning of the miniseries when it first aired; I don’t remember why I stopped watching, whether it was scheduling or terror.  I’m looking forward to watching it now.  However little I saw of it, I … Continue reading

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I’ve fallen in love with Stephen King.

Never saw that coming. I don’t read horror novels; I don’t tolerate the whole genre well.  (I tried to watch some of Halloween H2O when it played at the theatre I was working in – I lasted four not particularly … Continue reading

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