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Lies, Damned Lies, and History – Jodi Taylor – Zara Ramm

I love Jodi Taylor. I love Max. (I also love Zara Ramm.) (It’s especially fun to hear her say “Caer Guorthigern”.) But the premise of this installment in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s is … not what it could be. … Continue reading

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The Tea Machine – Gill McKnight

I mentioned in my review of another fantasy novel what a wild and ridiculous–sounding synopsis it had. (It really did.) So does The Tea Machine. Maybe moreso. Amazons and giant killer squid. Time travel and steampunk and a tea cult. … Continue reading

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Must Love Kilts – Angela Quarles

Oh, dear. I hate to do this. I loved the first book; I loved it enough that when the author made overtures to include me in her email newsletter and offered me this next book in the series I was … Continue reading

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Must Love Breeches – Angela Quarles – Jane Wells

I surprised myself by requesting this book from Audiobookloudnoise.com (kidding – it’s now audiobookboom.com). I mean, I’m not a big romance fan, and I generally object to the time travel romance (been there, done that, got the torn bodice), and … Continue reading

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Just One Damned Thing After Another – Jodi Taylor – Zara Ramm

I. Loved. This. So much. The early part of 2015 was just crammed with time travel audiobooks. I didn’t mean to do that; it just happened. I didn’t even know a couple of them were time travel till I started … Continue reading

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All Clear – Connie Willis – Katherine Kellgren

“That’s no way to talk in the presence of ladies, you bleedin’ sod,” the first man said belligerently…. “Beggin’ your pardon, misses. I shouldn’t ‘ave called ‘Itler a little bastard. ‘E’s the biggest bastard what ever lived.” I think I … Continue reading

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Gideon the Cutpurse – Linda Buckley-Archer – Gerard Doyle

First off, this was a good narration. I started to write “great”, but then remembered three moments where, if I had been (God forbid) listening through earbuds, I would have had to claw them off my head and rock back … Continue reading

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11/22/63: Stephen King, Craig Wasson

A few years back, my image of Stephen King was entirely made up of killer clowns and rabid dogs and possessed cars (there’s a thought: Christine as a killer clown car…), the grandpappy of a genre I had absolutely no … Continue reading

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Mariana – Susanna Kearsley

And a happy birthday to Majel Barrett Roddenberry. As usual, I wandered into this Kindle book from Netgalley with little knowledge of what to expect; I knew there was a sort of time travel involved, and that GR friends enjoyed … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Clock – Robert Appleton

Sooner or later, clockwork requires each piece to accept its nature or break. Hearts are no different. I have limited experience with steampunk. Most of what I’ve stumbled across has been romance of some sort or other, which is fine … Continue reading

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