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Zombies – Olivier Peru et al

Yup – Zombies. At this stage in the game, with six and a half years of The Walking Dead’s variable success and all of the apocalypses (is there a different plural for that?) that it’s spawned, it’s almost surprising to … Continue reading

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Dust Bath Revival – Marianne Kirby

I’ve developed a prejudice against books with 16-year-old protagonists. There are almost as many book synopses that start with “16-year-old so and so…” as there are book titles along the lines of Somebody’s Daughter or Wife or Sister or whatever. … Continue reading

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Yea Though I Walk – J.P. Sloan

Yea Though I Walk is what I’ve discovered is called a “weird Western”, a Western with a fantasy or steampunk spin. Which is, in my opinion, something there ought to be more of. The spin in Yea is that the … Continue reading

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A Place Outside The Wild – Daniel Humphreys

The author of this book came into one of my Goodreads groups to promote it, and – happily – I asked for a copy. I liked the idea of a culture aware of zombies having been caught up in a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Deadland – Zachary Tyler Linville

Yep. Zombies. I might as well go ahead and face it: I’m an addict. I used to think I hated post-apocalyptic stories. I’m not sure why. I have since come to realize that the concept is one of my favorites. … Continue reading

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