My etchings

Drawings, mostly in graphite and white charcoal on half-tone paper, most from my own photographs

9 Responses to My etchings

  1. LINDA Sheehan says:

    These are wonderful!

  2. stewartry says:

    Thanks. : ) Haven’t picked up a pencil in a while …

  3. Angela says:

    Wow, these are beautiful! I started taking drawing lessons a month ago or so; I hope I’m half this good someday!

  4. stewartry says:

    Thank you! I loved art school. Good luck with your work!

  5. Simran says:

    Tracey, I didn’t know you went to art school !! I love your drawings ! It’s something I want to do too :)

  6. stewartry says:

    Thanks. :) It was a long time ago – a loooooooonnnnng time. Yet another failure…

  7. Simran says:

    But you’re good, Tracey. What happened ?

  8. stewartry says:

    I’ll PM you the sad, stupid tale on GR… :/

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