Rhyming Rings – David Gemmell

When I saw “David Gemmell” on Netgalley, I mashed the “request” button very quickly. Before I really registered that this was a completely unfamiliar title, and certainly before I read the book description, I assumed this was a reissue of one of his books, since unfortunately he’s been gone from us for a time. But no: it’s brand new, at least to the world; it’s not a fantasy, as are most of his works, nor historical, as so many of his fantasies are, but instead an honest-to-goodness mystery novel set (contemporaneously?) in 80’s London. So I was excited when I saw “David Gemmell”, and then bemused but excited about the plot. I’ve been reading David Gemmell’s books for more years than I choose to think about, though I haven’t gotten back to them for a while now.

I chose this one from my list of Netgalley books kind of at random, and it kept me up past my bedtime. It’s taken longer than it should have to pound out this review, and I’m ashamed of that. I loved it. It sucked me in completely and dragged me along a roller coaster of a story. It’s a marvelous evocation of the period (when did my childhood become a “period”?), and a marvelous hunt for a serial killer, with undertones of fantasy. The main character and narrator is almost an anti-hero – he’s not a nice guy, though he becomes more self-aware as the story wears on, and it’s wonderful to watch.

Now I just need to go back and read everything else David Gemmell ever wrote.

‘The rain has stopped and my star is shining.’
‘Your star?’
He waved me over and pointed to a bright light below the Plough. ‘That is my star. My father gave it to me, a long, long time ago.’
‘I hope he also gave you the mineral rights.’

The usual disclaimer: I received this book via Netgalley for review.

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