Jeopardy redux – !

Well. I have been a seriously awful blogger of late; new job a couple of months ago, after 9 months of unemployment, plus Issues at home – it’s been interesting, and writing of any sort has been the last thing I’ve felt up to. (Except for drawing. My deep apologies to everyone I let down, and I owe you more than that.)

But what has prompted me to break my mostly-silence is … it came! I took the Jeopardy test in January, did marginally better than last time – and lo, there in my email, which I by happy coincidence opened during Ken Jennings’s return to the show, was “Jeopardy! Contestant Auditions in Boston on May 12th at 11:30 am‏”. And that there says it all. I’m so excited I could … write a blog post. I hoped, but I didn’t really let myself expect it. Next month! I’ve got studying to do – because I still stink at geography. And sports. And I’d better start putting a few dollars aside every paycheck, because in the unlikely event I get called the trip will cost me about $1000. But – I’m excited!

(Plus, I’ve only been to Boston once, and that was when I was about 16, for a Star Trek convention, and I didn’t see anything of the city – just Walter Koenig and a bunch of geeks. So – yay Boston! Any suggestions about where to go and what to see and where to eat?)

8 thoughts on “Jeopardy redux – !

  1. Congratulations! I got a call back too for May 1 here in Detroit. I’m super excited too. Good luck!!!

  2. Fantastic! Good luck to you too!!! Oh, and if you want a pretty clear idea of what you may be in for, I just finished one-time champ Brendan Dubois’s book (My Short, Happy Life In “Jeopardy!”), and it was fun. I spent the first half grinning like an idiot because his audition was exactly like mine, and the second half trying to drink in every word. Isn’t this great?

  3. I was just catching up on some old Jeopardys from October and someone I auditioned with was on the show! John, the romance writer. I sat next to him and we chatted a bit. Nice guy.

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