Dee, a City Sidhe Story – Gwendolyn Druyor

I received a copy of this story in audio format directly from the author – thank you! I really enjoyed the story, really enjoyed the world-building that went into it. I also loved what I thought was the “gimmick”, if you will, in which the entire story was basically a verbatim transcript of a psychology session police detective Dierdre Morton) Dee is required by policy to undergo following the loss of her partner. It was so well done, for the most part – economically told, with a fine balance between exposition and world-building. My only quibble was that there were a few times I was pushed away from the story, figuratively speaking, because the language was definitely that of a short story and not that of someone telling a story out loud to another person. Even I don’t speak like that, and I’m weird. (Not Wyrd, though.)

The only other place where the concept fell down a bit was toward the end of the ninety minute story, when Dr. Anne Pershing mentions that over three hours have gone by. My brain hiccupped for a second, because it sure seemed like real time.

But these are quibbles. Gwendolyn Druyor’s writing is lovely, funny in unexpected places and moving in other unexpected places, and always smart. And I love the idea for the series: people with unusual powers or abilities “passing” as ordinary citizens, stepping up and banding together to save the world. It’s been done before, sure, but that’s because it’s so much fun when it’s done well. As it is here.

And I love the mystery of what really happened to Kyle. And the twist in the tale… so well done. So very well done.

And I love the author’s narration. I’m a fan.


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